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Sundance Red Hills Ooty

Sundance Red Hills Ooty

Sundance Red Hills Ooty are known for their excellent accommodation facilities coupled with superb customer service.

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Ooty Sundance Red Hills is endowed with several architecturally well designed hotels and sprawling resorts that offer the tourists with excellent opportunity to enjoy natural splendor and imperial pleasures at the same time.

Ooty Sundance Red Hills Tariff of different categories for tourists of various economic backgrounds. Equipped with all the modern infrastructural facilities, Ooty Sundance Red Hills provide comfortable accommodation for the customers who flock to Ooty from far off places.


If you want to live an American Log Cabin fantasy but have not had the opportunity yet, despair not.your fantasy has been brought to life.at Sundance.

Sundance is a private hill near Ooty with exotic flowering plants that adorn the hill, a lakeview to kill for and a charmingly old-world Log Cabin, all this cradled in the Nilgiris.it is the perfect setting for a dream.

Sundance looks over the Avalanchi Reservoir on one side and is in turn looked over by the Nilgiris on other three sides. The cabin, nestled between the two, is made in wood replete with a smoke-chimney, a fireplace, furnishings that give the cabin a 1970s charm and bathrooms with large bath tubs, just like the old times. The ambience is perfect to relax, rejuvenate and reminisce.

Catch up on a book or just take a short nap in an easy chair on the porch with your feet up.the lake beckoning you every time you open your eyes for a moment. Stroll around breathing the crisp mountain air that your city-bred lungs are so famished for, and don't hesitate to say hello to some friends as you do so.maybe a few deer or mountain goats. If you feel a little more enterprising than that, carry your pair of binoculars and a field guide to birds to enjoy spotting some of the various varieties that flock the place. Or take to the woods, but don't go alone unless you have a way with big cats.a jungle safari is a better way to explore.

If you really want a complete American Log Cabin experience, then pick up a fishing rod and go-a-looking for carps and trouts in the lake. Or mount a horse and ride around the scenic locales. There's a lot more to do like trekking and rappeling if you're up to it. That's the best part about Sundance.you can make it into a lazy relaxed vacation or an adventurous getaway and still be able to go to the same place.

The Sundance Cabin can accommodate upto 6 people and is ideal for everyone from couples to families since there is so much flexibility in how you enjoy the place. The food is cooked in the cabin kitchen by the unintrusive staff and you have a considerable say in the day's menu. But do call them in advance for any special requests on the menu. The rooms are cozy beyond measure with warm lighting and comfortable furnishing to make sleeping an effortless endeavour.sundance-red-hills

Getting to Sundance needs a vehicle with four-wheel drive and such vehicles ply from King's Cliff, a sister concern in Ooty, to Sundance regularly. Sundance also has a Helipad if you fancy flying down here in a chopper.

More Details :

The rates also include the following activities
-trekking(short trek)
-horse riding in the riding track
-agri tour
-use of indoor games
-visit to the dairy farmsundance
-bonfires for groups

The activities below are chargeable
-long trek
-rock climbing
-valley crossing
-horse riding around the area
-camping out
-Open Jeep Rides
-Tractor ride
-Do-it-yourself BBQ by the lake

The Sundance Red Hills Ooty are known for their luxuriant buildings that offer outstanding services to their customers. Situated at strategic locations, the Sundance Red Hills Ooty provides the guests with all kinds of necessary assistance and comforts for a memorable holiday.

Apart from outstanding accommodation and dinning facilities, Yelagiri Sundance Red Hills Ooty believe in maintaining a strong bond of trust and reliability with their customers with Ooty Sundance Red Hills Tariff.

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