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Exercise to strengthen vaginal muscles

Exercise to strengthen vaginal muscles

Exercise To Strengthen Vaginal Muscles | Exercise helps tighten vaginal muscles

In the past decade, women have gotten pumped about strength training. We've flocked to free weights at gyms, bought strength training videos.

For home and hired personal trainers to guide us through the gluttony of squats, lunges, curls, crunches and push-ups. Yet we're not doing enough.

Blame it on ignorance or embarrassment, but we've overlooked perhaps the most important muscle group in the female body: the pelvic floor muscles, also called vaginal muscles or love muscles.

Strong pelvic floor muscles mean increased pleasure in the bedroom. Yet sex is only part of the picture. There are also a number of general health reasons that should entice women to exercise these muscles and encourage fitness professionals to start talking about this topic with their female clients.

These Exercise to strengthen vaginal muscles work like any other muscle in the body. In other words, if you don't use it, you'll lose it. "Without regular resistance exercise, those muscles lose 80 percent of their strength by the time a woman turns 65," says Daniel S. Stein, M.D., medical director of the Foundation for Intimacy in Tampa, Florida, and a board-certified gynecologist.

Exercise Helps Tighten Vaginal Muscles

If you've had a baby, you've no doubt been told to do Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles that form the pelvic floor between the legs. This is only true if you use progressive resistance training. Toning these muscles, which contract during orgasm, helps many women climax more easily; yet many of us skip this exercise or do it wrong because we are improperly informed about how effective Kegel exercises are without added resistance. Simply put, regular Kegel exercises do not work without resistance. By using the KegelmasterTM you will rapidly produce results as well as stronger muscle development which enhances bladder control, orgasms etc.

Try to stop the flow of urine midstream by contracting your pelvic floor muscles. Repeat this action several times until you become familiar with the feel of contracting the correct group of muscles. Do not contract your abdominal, thigh, or buttocks muscles while performing the exercise.

Another approach to help you identify the correct muscle group is to insert a finger into the vagina (in women), or rectum (in men). Try to tighten the muscles around your finger as if holding back urine. The abdominal and thigh muscles should remain relaxed.

A woman may also strengthen these muscles by using a vaginal cone, which is a weighted device that is inserted into the vagina. She then tries to contract the pelvic floor muscles in an effort to hold the device the place.

Exercise For Upper Back Muscles

One of the most impressive features of a bodybuilder's physique is the fully developed back - full, thick, lat muscles with a wide sweep. Lat muscle development is crucial for the "V" shape of the body - with wide shoulders, wide upper back, tapering into a tight waistline.

The width of the lat Exercise For Upper Back Muscles is developed with any type of pulldown movement such as chinups and lat pull downs. Various factors such as the width of your grip, your angle of pulldown, or pulling down to the front or rear, will affect how your lats muscle is worked.

Development of the lower lat muscle requires exercises that use a narrow grip, such as close grip chin up, close grip pulldown, or one arm dumbbell row.

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