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Indian Public Schools

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Indian Public Schools

Our Indian Public Schools promotes in our children a sense of neighbourhood.

So that they appreciate the role of the school as a vital community centre and nurture in them a concern for all particularly

the less privileged, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Our Indian Public Schools inculcate in our children a healthy concern.

For the environment and help them understand and appreciate their significant role in the entire biosphere.

Towards the achievement of goal, we , at our Indian Public Schools also encourages our staff to develop their professional competencies to play their role as effective facilitators of learning and be a friend, philosopher and guide.

At our Public Indian Schools , we create among the students a thirst for greater knowledge and to make the children capable of living their lives fully so that they could face numerous challenges in life and carve out a future for themselves.

At our Public Indian Schools , we firmly believe that education is not a mere preparation for life but is LIFE ITSELF.

Accordingly, it will be our endeavor to provide a stimulating, congenial, conducive school atmosphere so as to enable the child to live, to love, to learn and to imbibe a legacy.

At our Public Indian Schools, though academic excellence is the primary focus, we are also consciously stressing the total personality development of the child the physical, mental, aesthetic, social and spiritual dimensions.

In pursuance of this, we will seek to provide a curriculum well planned and rich in content, so that each child can attain the joy of some degree of achievement.

Our Boarding Schools in India aims to develop the personality of the child, its ability to think and arouse its curiosity to gather knowledge.

Our Boarding Schools in India also aims to create awareness among children about our exalted cultural heritage. This school provides scope for a lot of free expression of children.

It is the ambition of our Boarding Schools in India management that a sense of discipline and an interest to learn should be inculcated in the young minds, not by making them cram unintelligible subject matter but by arousing their flair for learning.

If you seek a best school which lays the strongest foundation for the Kids successful future and firmly believes right education is the vital key in nourishing the brightness and intelligence of your lovely children.

To confirm bookings for this special package call us on the following numbers

Call us for prebookings on the following Mobiles:91-9786691904, 9965616661, 9842255573, 9942587000.

Phone Number : 0422 - 2333922, 2330932

Contact us on our Email id : info@ooty-india.com

Our Fax No: +91 0422- 2331605


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